LED's CHAT: the first LED tile smart and connected

Dalle LED's CHAT
LED’s CHAT Brik :
20x20cm tile including 10x10 RGB LED. Integrated mechanical and electrical connectors providing an assembly with a simple click and adjustable from + to - 90°. It embeds the operating system that allows a complete autoconfiguration and automatic deployment of the media content whatever the number of tile is.
LED's CHAT Mozaïk
Add the Brik one to the other to create your light Mozaïk. Clip diffuser screens on the Brik for a rendering optimized display. Thanks to the modularity of Brik, all shapes and sizes are possible. Open the design possibility. Unleash your creativity.
A Web application for intuitive and simple control of all types of content: images, videos, applications, HTML5, ArtNet ...
An SDK to develop advanced and interactive content.
LED's CHAT Interactive
LED's CHAT Interactive 
The Mozaïks LED's CHAT can use any USB sensors of the market to make them interactive.
  • Webcam: motion detection, reading QR code and barcode.
  • RFID, e-Beacon in development ...

Many Applications


A display which recognizes a customer or traveler and inform him with a personalized and relevant message, this is what allows to achieve LED's CHAT in record time of installation and configuration.


The compactness of LEDs CHAT Briks enables integration in all furniture sales areas. In showcase, reception desk, product display stand, floor, wall or ceiling, Mozaïks LEDs CHAT design your retail to offer a new digital experience to your customers.


Ease and modularity allow you to quickly build a bright screen interactive installation capable of reacting with all participants of your events. Give a new dimension to your parties, stands, bars, hotels, restaurants ...

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