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LED’s CHAT is a startup created in April 2015 on the initiative of researchers from Aix-Marseille University and CNRS. Using a patented technology thanks to the support of SATT Sud Est, it develops and markets connected luminous tiles to create modular decorative and communicating surfaces in their forms, interactive with the environment, including an embedded intelligence using autonomous algorithms.

It is a project with a pedagogical goal, which is presenting to computer science students the application of distributed algorithms programming on a concrete case, which led to the development of a programming environment for such algorithms applied to the control of LED assemblies and a first prototype of hardware realization of “intelligent light module” in the shape of a Tomette (hexagon).


The first life-size prototype was exhibited as part of the Marseille Provence 2013 event, with Marseille being the European Capital of Culture that year. Supported by MP2013 as well as the AMU, a new model of electronic board was designed. A little more than 500 of the boards were manufactured to create the interactive installations exhibited at the Maison de la Région PACA in Marseille from 4 November 2013 to 31 January 2014. From the success of this exhibition was born the startup LED’s CHAT.


& skills

Guillaume Bonello

Guillaume Bonello

Passionate about space, Guillaume became an astrophysicist and participated in several European space probe projects for the exploration of the Solar System, including the ROSETTA mission that landed on a comet in 2014. He was also Director of Innovation at the OPTITEC competitiveness cluster based in Marseille. He has helped more than 100 companies to develop and finance innovative product projects using optics and photonics technologies.

Peter Niebert

A teacher-researcher at the University of Aix-Marseille within the LIF, now LIS, Peter is the main inventor of LED's CHAT technology, which was born from his desire to create applications for his research. Cellular programming" became his main research topic in the context of the LIS DALGO team. Since 2011, Peter has invested a lot of time on the LED's CHAT project, which has become his second major development project of a new complexity that now qualifies him as a software architect.

Mathieu Caralp

Technical Director
Mathieu CARALP, co-inventor of the LED's CHAT technology, is a PhD in computer science that he has been practicing since adolescence. Specialist in C/C++, he masters a wide range of languages and has a solid experience in software development, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. Within the team, he is in charge of the technical direction of the global architecture of the different software components of LED's CHAT offer and he is also in charge of the development of part of these components from the embedded code to the user interface.

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