MOZAÏK, source of well-being and productivity

The work environment: a source of well-being and productivity

Work and productivity are naturally affected by working conditions and the working environment. 

An atypical, inspiring work environment, leaving room for relaxation, contributes to promoting peace of mind and creativity at work. 

“At the heart of the preoccupations of interior architects who model work spaces in a startup way: the comfort of each person, ensured by a luminous environment, relaxation areas and modular arrangements according to each person’s needs”.

Indeed, “At the heart of the reflection of well-being in the company, the work environment is a strategic lever of performance and a real managerial challenge” according to Gaëlle Ménage, journalist Forbes France in her article “The workspace at the heart of corporate culture”. 

It is also a question of making its work area a unique interior that is consistent with the company’s identity. 

More generally, the work environment illustrates the attention paid by management to the well-being of its employees and thus represents a way of attracting new talents. This development is thus a significant opportunity to assert its brand image, its identity, its assets and to differentiate itself from the market.

“Playing on the harmony of colors, optimizing the decoration so that it corresponds to the energy of the company, everything is a pretext for creativity that will best serve the human and business stakes of the company”.

Consider the effects that your work environment can have on you and your employees. 

Give a new vision of working conditions with well-being for the benefit of productivity, the working environment being in line with the work done. 

Opt for a unique decoration and visual experience for your workspace thanks to MOZAÏK, intelligent and modular light boards (LED) using pixel art. 

Control your MOZAÏK installation simply via our smartphone application and choose a board to display among the various original creations available on the application (such as the classics like The Great Wave off Kanagawa, The Starry Night, The Mona Lisa).

L’innovation pixel art au service de votre design intérieur 💡